About Cupbots

At Cupbots, we want to build customer experience that is worth chatting because your customer time and attention is limited.

Chat: getting personal with your customer

Most customer relationship with businesses are unfriendly.

Customers fill up forms, send email for inquiries or worst, put on hold for 5 minutes.

We believe your customer wants to chat with your business - just like how you text your friend for a help.

In return, you gain customer's attention because chat is 1-on-1.

Problems are solved in short and sweet texts.

Bot: AI to help you focus

Time is valuable for you and your customers.

Your customer could have went with your competitor instead of waiting for your email reply.

You, as a business owner, need time to grow your business.

Chatbot solves this problem by understanding customer messages and reply quickly.

At Cupbots, we build plug-and-play chatbots that can start working for you within minutes.

Marketing, handling booking, answering FAQs and storytelling.

Your AI assistant is ready for your business!